Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kain and the perfect mother

Me- Kain, your teacher sent a note home saying that your class was having a Mother's Day tea next Friday.

Kain, softly- Yeah...I know.

Me- Is it ok if I come and be your mom for the day?

Kain, brighter now- Yeah! You do that, ok?

A few minutes later....

Kain- Aunt Mel? I wish my real mom could come though.

Me- I know you do, honey.

Kain- I wish I could live with my real mom, except that she did everything just like you do it. Except the things that you don't let me do...she could let me do those.


Terimisu said...

You are a sweet mom Mel. Kain is so blessed to have you!

Kelly said...

LOL! See, you'd be perfect if only you'd let him do whatever he wants to do. Wouldn't we all?

It is so amazing that he has you - God bless you.