Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boys vs girls

I spent the day grocery shopping.

John fed the baby chili for dinner. It's very weird to pick up your baby and have him smell like chili.

Tess got wrist deep into a jar of peanut butter, and when I got home, I witnessed John leading the dog over to her and letting him "clean her up".

I found Jack playing with John's hacksaw. He said he was "making sawdust". I said, "Jack, you aren't allowed to play with Daddy's saw!" He said, "I'm not playing. I'm working."

There is a light saber on top of the garage roof. Kain threw it up there after he found Jack playing with it. For some reason, this makes sense to him in a way that I cannot grasp.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

family tv night?

This sounds great.

A real family movie night!

I so glad to read that the commercials are family friendly too. We quit watching America's Funniest Home videos, one of our last tv hold outs, a couple of years ago because I didn't want to explain to my then-8yo what "erectile dysfunction" was or what that KY "his and hers" commercial was about. Sheesh. Does no one that makes these TV production decisions actually have a child? Even accounting for a wide variety of "what is appropriate" opinions, does anyone really think the Victoria's Secret models posturing with their push-up bras and angel wings appropriate for family TV?