Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Day in May

Welcome to May 1st!

The big question of the day is, did I open the new month with my new exercise habit? No, alas, I did not. I really, really plan to tomorrow! I beg a reprieve today. Maria was in our homeschool co-op's production of Peter Pan last night, and it was a very late night indeed by the time we all got to bed. We all slept in a bit. You'll also find, tragically, that we did not do school today. I opted to spend the morning finishing our bedroom/playroom switcheroo.

7:15- I wake up to Jack babbling over the baby monitor. John is gone! For the first time he got up and left for work and I didn't even hear him! I must have slept like the dead...and I'm still not wanting to get up. I hang out in bed, dozing and listening to Jack, just comfortable and lazy. Usually I'd be getting Kain ready for school at this time, but I decided last night to let him sleep an hour later this morning. He didn't get to bed until 9:30 last night!

7:30- Maria comes upstairs, undoubtedly to make sure I'm not dead. I assure her that I know what time it is and I am on my way down. I start coffee, change and dress Jack, and get him some "hahv-row" (peanut butter sandwich...he lives on it).

8:00- I wake up Kain...he still doesn't want to get up. That kid loves to sleep. I give him his yogurt/Adderall cocktail and lay out his clothes, make him an English muffin, etc., and tell Maria to start getting herself together as well because I will need her help this morning. I plan to finish the playroom organization project today and need her to keep Jack entertained.

9:00- Kain is finally at school. I have breakfast myself, finally, and check my email, bloglist, etc. Then I spend the next couple of hours working in the playroom. Maria does a good job with Jack...playing with him in the backyard (with me watching...the playroom windows overlook the backyard), painting with watercolors, watching a Thomas DVD.

11:30- Oh my goodness, I finally finished it. I finished organizing and purging the toys. Woohoo!! The closet in that room (our old master bedroom, remember) is still full of junk (seldom used/outgrown clothes) so I pile all the Rubbermaid containers of organized toys in that now rarely used bathroom for the time being. Some toys stay out on the shelves. I plan to rotate them around. We have lunch and I put Jack down for a nap.

1pm- After happily playing in his crib for almost an hour, Jack finally goes to sleep. I send Maria to read The Caterpillar That Came to Church while I pick up and vacuum the living room and then do dishes. I am amazed at my industriousness today. Go me!

3pm- I pick up Kain from school today. He's mad because my brother was supposed to pick him up today. I haven't been able to get a hold of my brother so I'm not sure what is going on. When I get home Jack is awake. "Poop," he greets me from his crib. "You pooped?" I ask. "Check!" he answers. A man of few words. He wants to play in the playroom...all the neatly placed toys do look like fun. I leave him for a bit to play. Maria and Kain go outside.

3:45- Still feeling industrious, I clean the kitchen floor and make some cornbread to have with dinner. We have a ton of chili leftover from the before-the-play-chili-dinner, so I hope everyone is in the mood for leftovers. I also change the cat litter box. I was supposed to do it last night before the trashmen came this morning. There's that lack of fortitude again.

5:00- I take Jack back into the playroom and finish up some odds and ends...mostly organizing some school papers and that kind of thing. I have three big sore spots left to work on. 1, The dining room, which has become our major dumping ground during this room shake up and is now pretty much un-usable. 2, The laundry room/craft room..this room was never set up well after we remodeled in there and has just slowly disintegrated since. 3, that closet in the new playroom. I plan to start slowly working through these areas tomorrow,,,,slowly, because we must get back to school too!

6:00- I make an attempt now to get onto our regular weekday routine and make this evening a good one. We all have chili and cornbread and all clean up.

6:45- I send the big kids to do their evening chore lists while I take care of Jack. While bathing him I purge his bath toys, getting rid of the ones that suck up bathwater and get all ookey inside. There is no end to my industriousness today. I tell Kain and Maria that if they are done in time they can watch a video.

7:30- The boys and I head upstairs to read.

8:00- Evening prayers, which are very quick here. We light our altar candle, turn out the lights, say an Act of Contrition, Prayer to St. Michael, Guardian Angel Prayer...everyone invokes their patron Saints, and then the kids' favorite part of prayer time, passing out the holy water. If we ever forget, Jack reminds us after prayers by shrieking, "BLESS YOU! BLESS YOU MOMMA!"

8:15- Jack is in bed and Maria and I settle down to watch The Lord of the Rings. We've been watching it over the last couple of days. Yeah, it's PG-13 technically, but this is recorded from network tv and has stuff edited down to make it PG. It's my first time seeing it too...I haven't even read the books...and we are enthralled. It is a bit scary, even edited down to PG! Definitely picking up The Hobbit book. John arrives home around 8:30 and I rustle up some chili and cornbread for him.

9:30- Sending Maria to bed, a bit late. We managed to finally finish the movie, which is good because part 2 will be on next Sunday! John goes to bed too, after telling me he doesn't have a uniform for tomorrow...which means I'm up doing a load of laundry. I just washed our laundry a few days ago, so I'm not sure why he is out of uniforms...

10:15- Uniforms are in the drier and I'm going up to bed. Going to bed with the drier on always makes me a bit nervous, especially since ours is so old...but tonight I will take the risk. Gotta get up to exercise in the morning after all!

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