Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Easter altar

Here's a picture of our Easter altar I've been meaning to post....pardon the fading lily. That's what happens when you wait too late to buy one. That's our former crown of thorns in the middle wrapped in flowers, and the kids' jelly bean jars. Kain's is already about empty. :)

Here's a closer up picture of our homemade Paschal candle.


Kelly said...

Wow - that candle is so cool! You guys MADE that?

I love your altar. You are really inspiring! [If only I weren't so lazy I'd copy! LOL!]


mel said...

Yes, aren't we artistic?! :) We got it as a kit from Emmanuel Books. It came with a wick and sheets of beeswax that you warm with a hairdrier and roll into the candle, then sheets of colored beeswax that you cut the little symbols out with, along with patterns to show you how it traditionally should look. It was kind of intimdating when I opened the kit, but it really came out pretty nicely!