Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A day at the creek

This is a little man-made creek just a couple of blocks from our house...our own little nature spot. We come here often. It's a great place to watch for seasonal changes. There's another, better trail a 15 minute drive away that we go to less often.

Here's Jack's first time discovering the creek. Notice how nice and clean he is!

Then he finds rocks to throw in the water. What is it about boys and throwing rocks?
They both did so much of this I was afraid we would deface the creek bed completely.

Feet in the water...getting brave.

More rocks...and muddy feet.

Kain is trying to catch tadpoles here. They were big ones too! But we didn't come prepared for anything to catch them with or keep them in.

Maria finds some frog spawn on a rock. This totally freaked Kain out.

And snails....tiny ones. We showed these to Jack, but I he thought they were rocks and threw them in the water.

Not clean anymore! This was after a couple of half-tumbles into the water. He had so much fun though. This boy *loves* being outside. He never gets enough. This is was so enjoyable for the kids that I am planning a picnic at the other trail when Kain gets out of school.

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Kelly said...

How AWESOME! I wish we could have gone with you - my kids would have loved that!