Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A lazy and gratuitous post

Some random pictures of cuteness from my camera...

It turned out to be a little cool for sprinkler play yesterday, so we did this instead.

Here's Jack with two helpers....

And one helper....

And finally on his own! Yay Jack!

Here's a picture of what I found Sunday morning. Maria got permission to sleep out on the couch and watch a video Saturday night. And apparently Kain woke up very early in the morning and decided to join her.

This is sentimental to me for odd reasons I guess. This is a toy that Maria got for her second birthday. It has been one of those toys that didn't seem like any big deal to an adult but has been a long time favorite among the kids. It's supposed to be a "radio",,you turn the dial and push the button and it plays music--very fast, get up and boogy music. Maria played with it for years, so long in fact that it was still around to be passed down to Jack when he was born. It died last week after a long and happy existence. I finally threw it away and Jack brought it to me out of the trash and told me to "fix it". Sorry Jack.

And here's an update on our baby dogwoods. They are leafing nicely and we finally planted pretty flowers around them.

And the best for last. This,,,this is Princess Pumpkin. She is our loaner guinea pig, or as Jack says, "gimmie pig". We are pig-sitting for a friend of Maria's, and Princess Pumpkin will be leaving us any day now. Farewell, good Princess. And if Maria should tell your owner that I referred to you as "the orange rat" while you were here, please defend my honor and remember all those spinach leaves I snuck you.

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Kelly said...

LOL! I love the pics! And the orange rat looks so pretty! ;)