Monday, April 16, 2007

What the.....??

Kain is an exceptionally lazy child. I realize that that's not a very PC observation to make about a kid...we are supposed to put nicer terms than that on their behavior, but really, he is lazy. That has been demonstrated to me over and over again. Last week we were at the doctor's office when I noticed, as Kain bent over, that he had on TWO pairs of underwear. We all thought it was pretty funny, and typical ADHD behavior...him not even noticing that he already had a pair on. Well, this morning, after he got dressed for school, I asked him if he put his underwear on...because it's also not uncommon for him to leave it off altogether and just leave it lying on the bed. He told me that, yes, he did put it on, in fact he now had THREE pair of underwear on. Three. Three pair of underwear. Now I'm realizing that this isn't about being distractable and forgetful,,,this is about laziness. After all, he knew he had on the three pair, so it's not like he just didn't notice that he was pulling on three of them. Kain spent the weekend at his dad's house, where he *never* gets a bath, and didn't get back here in time to get one last night. So over the course of the last three mornings he has just continued to layer them on, one after another. He'd figured out that I could tell when he didn't put the clean pair on altogether because I would see them on the bed, and so I really think he figured this would at least save him the trouble of removing the old pair.


J.C. said...

Funny. But I'm not sure I understand, was he putting them back on every day after his showers? That seems like more work!

mel said...

No, he hadn't had a bath for two nights because he'd been at his dad's. So every morning when he got dressed he would just layer another pair on! :)

Entropy said...

Sounds like a silly kid thing. My girls decided one time to sleep in their clothes for the next day so they wouldn't have to take *all that time* to change and hang up their jammies.

At least it's never boring, right? :)

Kelly said...

Yeah, well, he is also male. This sounds like a perfectly normal Y chromasome thing to try. LOL!