Saturday, March 03, 2012

what's working now- Thursdays

Moving right along...finally...

Thursday bears the distinction of being the *only* day of the week that I don't have somewhere else to be. Love Thursdays. Wish I had more of them. Thursdays are also my "office day". I (rather poorly) handle all the household paper stuff...budgeting, bills, grocery lists, school stuff, filing, it's all mine. It gets ugly. The paper monster is huge. Thursday is the day to try and tame it. My to-do list includes...

-paying bills and doing the budget
-making menus and grocery lists
-filling out the family calendar
-cleaning out my diaper bag
-making library lists
-school planning and paperwork
-liturgical year planning
-filing and organizing the whole mess. This is still a work in progress. I hope to get to some kind of maintenance point this spring.

So I start out early, as on the other days, get done what I can until it's time to feed the crowd, and plug away during the day if the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully there will be some of those since we are home all day. I have my list prioritized because I likely won't get to everything. Bills and grocery lists are always on top, along with any other timely "to-do's", like getting grades together to send to MODG, that sort of thing.

The day plugs along as I've written before, only without the running around. We have breakfast, do morning chores, Maria has PE and I also add art to her Thursday since she is also home all day..I do school with her, math with the boys, lunch, rest time, wrap up school, dinner and chores, baths and bedtimes, work in the laundry room...and that is Thursday. It's a busy, full day of catching up on house stuff, but it's a day well-spent.

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