Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Jack said

We have had a little Jack issue lately...he is very affectionate with me, and he can be a little, erm, feely at times. I've been tactfully working on this, not wanting to discourage his affections...just redirect them a bit. He's 7 years old, after all, and because of his autism, he often needs to be expressly taught things that other kids just get by this age. So, we've been talking about what's appropriate in this area. Being all Jack-like, he will take these things to the extreme and be very concerned that he is doing something wrong. And also being all Jack-like, he does not whisper...he will announce things, loud and clear, wherever we are. So, we were in mass today and he was snuggled up against me, like he tends to do. Then he suddenly pulls back and says loudy, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was touching your chest with my head." And I shushed him and said, "It's ok." Then he says, just as loudly, "It's very cozy there."

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