Tuesday, March 06, 2012


(Jack trying out instruments at an event at the University)

I thought it'd be easier to share some of our recent pics one child at a time....
"Recent" is a relevant term...some of the ones I downloaded are 6 months old!

(Christmas Eve)

Jack is having a hard time with the weekly grocery shopping. I usually can handle Jack, he's usually a quiet and sweet boy, but he has his moments. Shopping is one of them. He does ok when we are getting food. I let them each pick out a snack of some kind and he picks cheese sticks. Once he's got these, he is done. When we start moving through the rest of the store, to the pharmacy, pet supplies, diapers, etc....he gets really agitated and starts whining and carrying on.

(7th birthday party...a lego theme this year. The cake was too hideous to post, but he liked it. :))

He'll say, "Are we never done with shopping? Do you have 20 hundred more groceries to get?"

(cow train at the corn maze)

Today, he started pushing the cart away from me, so I snapped at him, and he started crying, "Are you going to put me in the dumpster? Do you want to throw me away?" Now, we've never threatened to put the child in a dumpster, I promise. This is something he often says when he gets in trouble. We have no idea why.

(goats at the corn maze)

When we were checking out, he started up again, and was wrestling the cart in the parking lot, so I grabbed him by the arm and made him walk right next to me. He got really upset then and started sobbing hysterically, "Ow, your breaking my arm!"
(a ninja for Halloween)

(St. Tarcisius for All Saints' Day)

And when I put him in the van, he was screaming at the top of his lungs, "Are you putting me in the dumpster? She's putting me in the dumpster!" over and over again.

(checking out bones at the zoo)

(on the drive to the zoo, Jack said that this was the Eiffel Tower)

(and those towers in the background were lighthouses)

I talked him down once we were all in the van, and he was calm again. On the short drive home though, we passed a dumpster. He said softly, "There's a dumpster. Just pull over and throw me in."

(This is very recent. The child is toothless. All his front teeth got very loose at once. Three fell out within a couple of weeks of each other. Kain helped the fourth along when he accidentally knocked Jack with the wii remote while playing Swordplay Showdown.)

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Tiny Actions said...

What a cute way to showcase your pictures! Loved the dumpster comment. Made me laugh.