Sunday, March 25, 2012

A warm spring daybook

Outside my window...warm, warm, warm. We had several days of rain last week, but this weekend it is in the 70's. I think we will have a terribly hot summer here in the south.

I am hearing...Jack playing Wii ping pong. Tess and Henry in the playroom.

I am thinking...about all the things I need to get done before this baby comes.

I am thankful for...a third trimester burst of energy. I've been cleaning like mad, still. My back and hips still don't appreciate this much. I am waddling pretty badly because my lower back feels a bit stiff and sore all the time. But it's not too bad.

I am wearing...a black skirt and brown, beaded shirt. Barefoot (and pregnant, ha!)

We are currently reading...Hum. I got "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" on my nook for Maria to read. Not because I expect her to embrace the whole courting thing, but because I think the book makes some good points on boy/girl relationships in general. I am reading Anne of Avonlea...been reading my way through this series for the first time. I somehow missed them in my younger days. Still slogging through Wuthering Heights. Maria is starting Johnny Tremaine this week for history.

I am praying...for a friend bearing far too many crosses right now.

Latest on the babies...I am on week 31 for little honey five. Not 32, like it says on that ticker. Don't know why it says the wrong date, and I can't get lilypie to let me fix it or change it at all, so I guess it will stay the way it is! Baby is *very big* and moving lots. The kids love to watch my "belly-quakes", especially in the evening...she seems to be a night owl.
Henry knows what letters are. He doesn't really know any, but he will point to them and say, "Oh, ee, ay, oh, ay!" Tess's speech is improving soooo much. She is just expressing herself so much better. She has a good bit of trouble with pronouns though, and often leaves them off entirely...she will say things like, "Are going to the store?"

From the kitchen...Tuscan pork roast in the oven, with mashed potatoes and corn cobs for dinner. We are making a poor meal each week from operation rice bowl...we watch the little video to go with the country of the week and then try the meal out, and we donate the money saved by eating our little poor meal to CRS at the end of Lent. Do try it! This is our third year doing this and it is a really meaningful thing to do for Lent. Plus, some recipes are,,,interesting. Not a fan of the Vietnamese spring rolls... :). Some have become new favorites. I really liked the vary amin'anana from Madagascar.

Around the house...working on digging out warm weather clothes,,,and baby clothes while I'm at it. It's too early to wash them and all, but since I'm going through my stash anyway...Also, bathroom remodeling, yay! Long overdue! How much remodeling? It will depend on how long the income tax return holds out. :) All three bathrooms need a lot of work. I'm starting with some repairs, some sink replacements, and new flooring. That will probably do it for now.

In the learning room...some planning for next year.

In the garden-I ordered some perennials to plant in the beds out back in an attempt to make the weed control easier for John...things that will hopefully fill in and be low-maintenance. The dogwoods are blooming. I also ordered some berry bushes to try this year. Any tips?

Plans for the rest of the week...therapies and dance, as usual. Mass on Wednesday and adoration on Thursday. OB appt. on Friday combined with some shopping for Maria and me. We will do some birthday shopping as we have three birthdays coming up, and I need to go to Lowes to get some yard stuffs before the berries and flowers arrive, as well as some things for the plumber's visit.

Our week in pictures...these aren't actually from this week. This is a series I've been meaning to post..."Henry sleeps". I took these when he was outgrowing his morning nap. he would not quite make it until after lunch before conking out. And if I tried to put him to nap late morning, then he would fall asleep sometime around four or five. Almost every day you would find him asleep on the couch at some weird time of day, and always with whatever he was toting around at the time...

Excuse our raggedy couch. It was actually in excellent condition a year ago, before we had a dog. Then SOMEONE trained the dog to climb up on the couch next to him, which was really cute when he was a puppy, but now he's a huge monster of a dog with rather sharp claws. He has shredded the couch cushions. We are retraining the dog, and then recovering the cushions.


Erin said...

The sleeping photos are precious!!! Wow, maybe one day I will have a toddler who randomly puts him/herself to sleep - how cool!

Anonymous said...

This is the sink that is capable to perform the tasks that the other sinks are too small for. In some cases the laundry is going to be cramped for space but it should always be possible to at least include a corner utility sink somewhere in the room.