Monday, April 02, 2012

An Holy Week daybook

Outside my window...can't hear a thing. The windows are closed up tight because the a/c is on. Already. Yesterday we had highs in the upper 80's. Sigh.

I am hearing...Jake and the Neverland Pirates...Jack's new obsession. Henry is watching too. Everyone else is still asleep.

I am thinking...not much. I'm still on my first cup of coffee.

I am thankful Um, I should say something more profound. Weather warm enough that the kids can play outside whenever they wish, just being able to open the back door and let them go. They are spending lots of time outside, they are SO gross and dirty at the end of the day, but it's so good for them. I laid in some new sand and sand toys a few weeks ago...all the ride-on toys and bikes are out. It's lovely not to have to deal with jackets and such.

I am wearing...a tshirt and pajama shorts. I am sadly lacking in motivation this morning so far.

We are currently reading...I just finished rereading the first Hunger Games book. I read the series a long time ago, before they were even popular. Because I'm that cool. Anyway, we saw the movie this past weekend, which made me want to reread the book.

I am praying...for the same friend as last week. She has so much to bear right now.

Latest on the babies...I. Am. Huge. So very pregnant. My OB sent me up to labor and delivery for a nonstress test because baby's movements had decreased a good bit. The test went fine and they sent me home. Her movements are still decreased, but when I lay down and do kick counts they are frequent enough. Just smaller, I guess, mostly. Running out of room I imagine.
Jack is in a destructive phase right now. He seems to do this every so often. He repeatedly rammed his bike into the deck rails until he broke one of the rails off completely. He kept throwing Tess's trike off the deck until he broke the handlebars. And he threw a keyboard out the playroom window. You read that right. A keyboard. Like a big Casio keyboard. Sigh. He will keep us wrestling with stuff like this for a while, and then he will just stop. Just like that.

From the kitchen is a mess. I'd like to not talk about that, ok? I focused on catching up on laundry this weekend, and we will focus on that.

Around the house...lots of housework that needs to be caught up because I have let the daily stuff slide while focusing on other projects. Calling a plumber today. I have new sinks! Not installed...haha! Silly! No, they are sitting in my living room. Hence my need to call the plumber. We have a leak upstairs too. We can't use the upstairs shower because it makes rain in the downstairs bathroom. I'm scared about this because it sounds expensive. I may regret buying those sinks.

In the learning room...just trying to keep up/catch up. Maria is having a hard time with Algebra, which is discouraging for us both...she has always done well with math. I've done next to nothing for Holy Week and have little planned for Easter either, other than the usual stuff at church of course. Just too much to wrap my brain around this year. Some years are like that. And to be honest, with Kain gone, so is my motivation for such things right now. Maria has seen and done these things so many times. Jack just cares so little about anything not in his little sphere of concern. Tess and Henry are a bit young yet.

In the garden- still waiting for my plants to arrive.

Plans for the rest of the week...I don't think we will even make it to Holy Week services, which is disheartening. John is working the entire time, and mass has been far too rough lately to go looking for trouble by myself, even with Maria's help. John is off on Wednesday and is going to watch the gang so I can tackle my last big pre-baby projects, cleaning out a couple of of them holds Easter baskets. :)

Our week in pictures...I posted a bunch of pics of Jack and Henry. How about Tess?

The gang at the zoo...did I post this one? Funny story behind this...notice Tess's clothes....the green striped shirt, the pink patterned skirt, sneakers...odd yes? Well, you see, she had an accident 15 minutes after arriving at the park. And she has been perfectly potty-trained for over a year, so I had no changes of clothes with me. I was utterly lost on what to do. I went to the gift shop and they had nothing at all...tshirts, but nothing I could put on her bottom half at all. The zoo is out near the airport, not near anything at all. I circled the gift shop, trying to think of something. Just as I was getting ready to give up and leave, I spotted these long cottony batik scarves. I bought one, and Maria and I fashioned a skirt out of it. She is completely bare-bottomed under that makeshift skirt,,,something the whole zoo figured out more than once when it managed to work its way loose. Thankfully she is still too young to be embarrassed about such things. Sorry Tessie.

This is Christmas morning. She got some dress up stuff then, and was cramming on as much as she could. The mess behind her? The shrapnel from 5 kids opening gifts. Anyway, I love this picture, she's all sleepy-eyed and just screams "the morning after prom" or something, yes?

This picture is classic Tess. She is the dress-up queen. She wears dress-up clothes every day. And she now refuses to wear pants anymore. Dresses or skirts every day. I'm only glad that the weather is warm so I don't have to fuss with tights and such.

She's got a weird expression on her face here, but otherwise looks so cute I couldn't resist. She was falling asleep this way, but woke up when I took her picture.

Baby chicks at the fair.

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