Sunday, April 15, 2012

A "Holy Crap, I've Only Got Six Weeks Left" Daybook

Will she ever post anything but daybooks???

Outside my and windy. Storms all day.

I am hearing...Tess and Henry squabbling. Again. I love rainy days. It appears they are fighting over who gets to lay on the Wii Fit balance board.

I am thinking...that it's been a long week. Henry has been sick, really sick, since Thursday. He's finally doing better today, but still pretty cranky.

I am thankful for...a new 50 count pack of markers. Tess and Henry have spent large amounts of time coloring with them today. I have spent large amounts of time trying to keep them off the floor and match up the caps.

I am wearing...shorts and a tshirt.

We are currently reading...Heck, I don't know. I can't even hear myself think. I'd better go put out this fire.

Ok, I'm back. Sheesh. Anyway, reading,,,um, I'm reading Anne of the Island. Also, I've ordered Managers of Their Schools, another Maxwell book. I'm not sure if this one will be particularly helpful though. They homeschool using a textbook curriculum, and we don't use a textbook curriculum. But I ordered it in a fit of desperation one afternoon. We'll see. Maria is still on Johnny Tremaine. Still on Wuthering Heights. Audiobooks take a long time. Jack and the littles are just enjoying a variety of what grabs us from around the house. Tess recently got this silly book from the library. It's sooo corny, really, but she loves it! We've read it many, many times, and now she's memorized it and we find her "reading" it aloud, which is pretty cute. Still, I'm glad it's a library book. :)

Latest on the babies...Henry's speech has taken off like mad. Suddenly he is saying gobs of words, new ones every day. Up until now he's only said a few words, and no new ones in a long time.
...and also, holy crap, I've only got six weeks left! I'm 34 weeks tomorrow. Oy, I've got so much to do.

From the kitchen...Um...we had Wendy's for dinner. :)

Around the house...let's just not go there, ok?

In the learning room...Maria has had a really hard time in algebra this year, and we are so behind. I've ordered Teaching Textbooks for her. And for me. For my own sanity. It arrives tomorrow....stay tuned.

In the berry bushes and bulbs arrived Thursday. But between Henry's illness and the rain I haven't planted them yet. Maybe tomorrow?

Plans for the rest of the week...waging war on my to-do lists. And you know...all the usual stuff.

Our week in pictures...the littles in their Easter finery...I didn't get a picture of Maria. She had to be at church early. But she's wearing her Easter dress for her confirmation, so I'll get her then. Jack was a riot. He hated wearing a tie, but when he saw himself he started cracking up and said, "I look like a man!"

Tess...making this goofy, scrunchy face for some reason. She was so cute though...I love her dress. It's pink and light green, doesn't seem to show up so well in this picture.

My sweet Momma's Boy.He's badly needing his bangs cut. Never been done before now, but it is time. Isn't he a cutie though?


Lisa said...

They are just precious in their Easter outfits! :-) I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left. Wow. :-) Glad you had a good Easter! God bless!

Tiny Actions said...

I'm laughing at the daybook title from your last post--Holy Week to this weeks daybook--Holy Crap. LOL! Seriously, the kids are adorable and Jack's comment about looking like a man is simply precious. Hang in there. The lists will get done.

Mary @ tinyprayers said...

Henry is sooo cute!

Erin said...

I love how your daybooks are so honest, about how you're breaking up fights, lol... and how you say you are wearing "shorts and a shirt" instead of linking to something from Talbot's, hee hee. This is real life! Good luck in the final weeks of pregnancy!! I can't remember; did you find out the baby's gender?

mel said...

Yes, its a girl!.