Saturday, March 03, 2012

What's working now- Fridays-

Moving right along... :)

Fridays are quite similar to Thursdays. I made Friday another office day. In Large Family Logistics, she only has one office day. I didn't feel like this would be enough for me, so I made two of them. I'm hoping the extra office day will eventually give me some time to do things like organize photos and scrapbooks and that sort of thing that never ever gets done.

The only difference between Thursdays and Fridays is that we go to noon mass on Fridays. After math with the boys, I feed the littles a good snack and we head out the door. Lots of homeschoolers attend the noon mass. Often there are friends to visit with for a little while afterwards. We come home for lunch and continue on with the day.

In the LFL book, instead of two office days she has a "gardening day". This sounds lovely, but I just didn't see how to devout the whole day to this. I get a lot of my work done very early, and often John is gone. I'm not comfortable being outside working while the kids are asleep. And most of the year it is still dark at that time anyway! It has been my practice to get outside with the kids for little bits of time during the day and water plants, weed veggies, etc. Larger projects, like planting, yard clean-up, etc., need to wait for a free week-end.

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