Sunday, March 11, 2012

A nesting daybook

Outside my window...cold and cloudy. It rained last night. I have a bird feeder that attaches to my window, a Christmas gift. For months no bird has been brave enough to visit. Finally I am seeing a few brave chickadees, and this morning I saw a nuthatch!
We've also been hearing woodpeckers somewhere in the pine trees outside the bathroom window.

I am hearing...Jack playing wii sports resort and Henry playing the piano. You know..kind of.

I am thinking...that nesting is awesome. I have been on a cleaning rampage for two days. If I had this kind of energy all the time...well, my house would be clean, that's for sure.

I am thankful for...evening mass after a late night and the spring time change.

I am wearing...tan pajama shorts and a navy blue shirt.

We are currently reading...hmm. Jack is working on catching up his Aesop's fables book. Owl Moon is a favorite right now with the littles. Maria is still sloooowly working through Wuthering Heights and just finished Witch of Blackbird Pond for history. I am reading two new ones..."Prayer for Beginners" by Peter Kreeft (my Lenten read), and "Style, Sex, and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things That Really Matter".

I am praying...For Kain. He's doing well so far in his new digs and new school.

Pondering these words... "Reading a book about doing something can be an obstacle to doing it because it gives you the impression that you are doing what you are only thinking about doing. It is tempting to remain in the comfortable theater of the imagination instead of the real world, to fall in love with the idea of becoming a saint and loving God and neighbor instead of doing the actual work, because the idea makes no demands on you."- Peter Kreeft, from "Prayer for Beginners"

Latest on the babies...Tess found one of Maria's old ballet recital videos and has a new love. She now puts on her dress up clothes and twirls all over the house. She can also count to 12 now and kind of says her alphabet..."A, B, C, D, Luhluhluhluh P! Q, R, S, T, U, V! All my Leh-lers, A, B, C, next time won't you sing with me! Yay!"

From the kitchen...a chicken is simmering on the stove. After it cools I will pick it for chalupas tonight.

Around the house...I spent hours and hours yesterday cleaning and organizing the laundry room. Maria wanted some mall money, so I hired her to be me for the day while I cleaned. I purged and cleaned and organized, I caught up on ALL the laundry (including putting away!) and moved a bunch of things around to make more room in there. Oh! My back! My hips! But it's so nice to have so much accomplished.

In the learning room...fatigue. We are ready for Easter break.

In the garden- the hyacinths died in a frost. The forsythia is blooming nicely. Dogwoods are ready to bloom any time now.

Plans for the rest of the, and,
Today- evening mass. Maria spent the night with a friend and will go to the mall today, then to mass, and we will pick her up after Life Teen tonight.
Monday- therapy for Jack
Tuesday- dance class, library, and errands
Wednesday- mass, therapy, and also an OB appointment. Fingers crossed for my glucose tolerance test.
Thursday- adoration..we signed up for an hour during Lent.
Friday- mass..maybe the park after?
Saturday- John is working again, so I'm thinking another project day...the upstairs? The school room? I'm so torn. The school room is an abomination. But I really need to get upstairs and sort out warm weather clothes.

Our week in pictures...

Maria and Tess's "flower cake"...they made this yesterday when Maria was babysitting.

Jack does "fish cracker math". He always has whales crackers during math, and we use them for subtraction manipulatives, hehe. Addition facts he can work out without manipulatives, but subtraction, not yet.

Tess and Henry's new favorite school pastime,,,do-a-dots!

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