Monday, February 27, 2012

what's working now- Wednesdays

Ok! Moving right along....

Wednesday is laundry day. As I've already said, I do laundry every day, and I take a crack at putting away every evening. But Wednesday is a day to try to really catch up. I said "try". Laundry is a monster. I've come very close a couple of times, but I have yet to really totally catch up! Wednesday is also a full day of school for Maria and Kain, but not for Jack...he has therapy again!

So, I start the morning by working in the laundry room until breakfast time. If we've followed our evening routine the night before, I should have all dirty laundry in there already. Probably in a huge pile with all the other accumulated dirty laundry. I boot the machines and start hanging and folding until breakfast time. I set timers for the machines and carry them with me so that I can get in there and reboot quickly. If I am blessed with extra time during the day, I will go in there and fold and hang some more. I will try to wipe down machines and spot clean the gets really gross, lots of little muddy hands on it!...and work on organizing the room if I can. It's a big job right now because I am reorganizing that whole room in general. I used to keep craft supplies in there and I am now moving those to another lots of shuffling and sorting going on.

At 7:30 I start moving through the morning routine as on Monday, and then some school work, only instead of taking Jack and Kain to therapy at 11:30, we head out the door for noon mass. After mass, we come home for lunch and rest time. Then I have Maria start rest time while I drop Jack off at therapy. His therapies are from 1:30-3:30 on Wednesdays. After rest time, Maria works on her school work, I finish school up with Kain, and leave at 3:15 to get Jack, come home and wrap up the afternoon and start dinner, etc. Our evening routine is like Mondays too, except every other Wednesday Jack and Kain have back to the church we go! On PSR nights, I will have the kids start a pick up while I am fixing dinner and we will skip baths for the littles. We will come home to do quick prayers and quick read alouds, just trying to get everyone to bed as close to on time as I can manage, though we won't quite make it since we don't even get home until 8:15.

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