Tuesday, February 21, 2012

co-sleeping....safe for mom?

It is nearly midnight. I'm laying here in bed posting with my nook. Henry is laying in my lap watching Holy Baby. He became hysterical a little bit ago, obviously in pain...probably an ear infection. . Now we are distracting him with a dvd and waiting for the ibuprofen to take effect. I am posting this because I have to stay sitting up or he'll start crying again, and I am just bone-tired.

Also, my lip is throbbing. Fifteen minutes ago, while Henry was crying and thrashing around in bed, he hit my mouth with his head and split my lip open. I yelled out and then started to cry a little, which really freaked him out. Sigh. This is not our first bed-sharing injury. Just a couple of months ago, I was laying down with both Tess and Henry. I badly needed a nap, so I put Maria in charge of the boys and put a dvd on in my bedroom for the littles. I woke up to white hot pain and blood pouring out of my face. Tess had flopped back and hit my nose full onwith her head. It was so shockingly painful, all I could do was cup my hands over my face and yell for Maria to bring a towel, then sit there for several minutes with the towel over my face, waiting for the pain fog to lift. I don't think it was broken. It didn't bruise. It was sure swollen though! And sore for weeks. I'd hate to feel what a broken one feels like.

Ah well,,,Henry has rolled of my lap. He has his eyes closed...dare I hope? I'm afraid to move, even though my leg is numb. Here's hoping for a peaceful night. No sleeping in though. We have an appointment bright and early with the pediatrician.

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Lisa said...

Oh, Mel, I am SO sorry! I was cringing in sympathy pain as I was reading. I hope all is feeling better! :-)