Saturday, February 25, 2012

what's working now- Tuesdays

Ah, Tuesdays. Sigh. Tuesdays are errand days. For years I've managed to avoid taking little kids shopping. But I've given up. I need a predictable shopping day and John's schedule is too unpredictable. Maria really doesn't want to babysit anymore than she already does. So now we all go. It's not pretty. I organize my list very carefully, I know my store well, and we move quickly.

Our mornings start the same as Monday, except that instead of cleaning the kitchen I am getting ready to be gone all day. I load the diaper bag, pack lunches, gather library books. Dinner goes in the crock pot, or else something is planned that is extremely simple.

Same morning routine for the kids as Monday, except I keep breakfast simple and quick so they can help me load up and gather any missing library items. Maria skips PE though and just takes a shower and gets ready for dance class.

We try to leave by 9 and get to the library for 9:30 story time. Story time is such fun for the littles. Jack even enjoys it, though he will have nothing to do with the craft that follows. Since its a preschool story time, he's the oldest one there by far, but he's not really aware of that right now. I'm glad to see him participate, since when he *was* in preschool he just couldn't handle stuff like that. Tess loves it, and Henry, who was really shy and clingy at first, now really likes it and tries to participate. After story time, we finish gathering our books and such and check out.

Next up is dance class. We drop off Maria and if the weather is good we head up the street to the park. We break out our lunches there, or in the car afterwards. When dance class is over, we head to pick up groceries for the week.

And then we head home. Little kids have usually crashed at this point. We are all beat. I try to carry sleeping people in and keep them asleep. The big kids unload groceries while I put things away. Then I send everyone away from me for like an hour. lol. At least anyone I can get to cooperate with such at thing! Seriously, everyone scatters for an hour of rest time, taking their new library haul along, and that includes me. I take any awake littles upstairs with a new library dvd and rest. It's a loooong day. It's likely near time to start dinner at this point. After our rest, I spend maybe an hour total doing a bit of school...math with Kain, a half day with Jack, which is not really very long at all. Maria works on her own for a bit. I pull my easy dinner together and we follow our evening routine as we did on Monday.

And that is Tuesday. Long, long Tuesday. :) Usually the clean-ups and meal chores are easier because we haven't been home to make much mess. Everyone is ready to settle down and relax, and the littles have usually had stilted naps and are sleepy early.

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