Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My daughter....the fashion plate. Maria has always been such a "girly girl". If she were going to high school, she would be the social butterfly cheerleader type at every social event,,,,praise GOD she is not going to high school. Haha! Seriously, homeschooling is often seen as a good thing for kids that are a bit socially awkward, and that's surely true. But it also is a blessing for a child that tends to be a little *too* peer-oriented. At least with homeschooling, I have a little more control over who those peers are! Maria loves clothes, loves to look "cool",,,and loves pink, as evidenced by this picture. I have no idea where she gets this. I am the exact opposite of a clothes-horse and disdain "wasting" money on buying clothing for myself when the money could be put to much better use buying books or something for our home. I don't recall ever caring much about clothing, even as a teenager. But Maria loves to dress up, and she definitely has a style all her own. Now that I can appreciate. The things she chooses to wear are things that *she* likes, not things that the kids at school will accept. I am always tickled when I see her wearing something a bit...unusual. I'm glad she has the space to develop her own tastes with minimal influence from others opinions. And as long as her clothing is modest and reasonable for the occasion, I try to keep even my own opinion to myself. :)

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