Monday, January 29, 2007

quick Monday post

quick Monday post
Oooooh...Mondays are so long. We had co-op today. Intro to Life Science, Fear Factor Fun (math), Spanish, Cooking, Knitting, and Art for Maria. Running errands, helping out in the preschool, the afternoon freeplay class for 2 hours....we are all wiped out. Maria feels bad this evening...wondering if she is coming down with something or just tired.

Breakfast- leftover pancakes and fruit bowl
Lunch- roast beef sandwiches, clementines, pretzles
Snack- granola bars on the run
Dinner- Burger King (yum...more junk)

What we read- Maria- nothing so far. Will read some of The Secret Garden tonight. Kain- Make Way for Ducklings. Jack- Curious George, some little puppy board book Maria picked out from the library.

GOing to go chase Kain into bed and crash now....

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