Sunday, January 28, 2007


-PSR this morning. I co-teach a preschool class, Maria and Kain go off to their respective classes. Jack usually goes to the nursery. Maria says they learned "more about Confirmation, and a bunch of different stuff I can't remember." Kain says they learned about "families".

-Mass after PSR. Kain did very well today. Jack was a wildman. Things to work on for next mass- Maria- attention to prayer after communion instead of looking for friends to walk by. Kain- kneeling without complaining and sitting on his ankles.

-Today was Kain's name day, so we went to pick up some donuts after mass. He also got out of chores for the day, but had to tell him later that this did not give him license to do whatever he wanted to do, i.e. not bathe or go to bed.

-Then the kids played outside while I attempted (and failed) to get Jack to nap. He's been resisting naps the last couple of days. Disturbing trend. I read some, channel flipped some, and generally made an effort to relax. Still had to wash dishes by hand, so that took some time this afternoon. Kids played outside and Kain fought often with the other kids. They try to leave him out, skip his turns, that kind of thing, and then he acts out.

- Jack watched a Thomas video, we read some books and played with his new nesting blocks. Didn't go outside with him. Too cold for me!

-Now Jack's in bed, Kain is on his way after bedtime prayers, and I will wash some more dishes and get ready for co-op day tomorrow. Should be a good day, because John is off, so either he can
A. come with us and get in some nice Daddy time, or
B. stay here and pick up Kain from school so I don't have to make the mad dash back to town in time to get him.

His choice will probably depend on what time he gets home tonight!

On the menu----
Breakfast- cereal, not a great choice, but I overslept a bit.
Snack- Donuts
Lunch- Mac and cheese (Kain's choice)
Tea time- Just tea for me. The kids were playing and had a late lunch due to the donuts.
Dinner- pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon (we always have brinner (breakfast for dinner) on Sundays)
Dessert- Sundaes for Sunday.

Lots of junk...but hey, it's Sunday.

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