Tuesday, January 16, 2007

art show

Ever since Maria was three or four years old, art supplies and craft kits have been her gift of choice. I have always made it a rule to make supplies readily available to her, and as a result we spend a small fortune on keeping her in crafty things. People are starting to roll their eyes when I suggest, year after year, art supplies for birthday and Christmas gifts, but this is truly what she loves to do. I have always said that if we were unschoolers, Maria would do nothing but art projects all day long. Here's what she did just on Sunday afternoon...various collages, and dinosaur picture for Kain, a homemade cat toy, and a piece of lovely pipe cleaner/plastic gemstone jewelry.


J.C. said...

Dear Mel,
Please tell Maria that her creations are almost as lovely as the pretty girl who made them! I have been enjoying your blog for some time now...Do you use Mother of Divine Grace curriculum?

mel said...

Thanks you! Yes, we do use Mother of Divine Grace. We have used parts of it since the beginning, and this is our second year using the whole curriculum. We really like the program...strikes a good balance of being complete without being overwhelming. :)