Monday, January 15, 2007

bathroom clutter

Here's a picture of my latest nod to my vow to get more organized. The kids got these wooden bins for Epiphany gifts. After Christmas, I raid Walmart and buy up those fancy bath baskets on clearance and put away a year's supply of lotions and potions. This time they had some in these nifty wooden containers, so I bought three of them. I painted and stenciled them,,,Maria's with flowers, Kain's with dinosaurs, and Jack's with trains and cars,,, and now they are "bath boxes". They corral toothbrushes, bathroom cups, flossers, hairbrushes, etc. We have tiny bathrooms here, and these shelves are the only storage space in the bathroom that the kids use. The small sink was constantly crowded with all their stuff, and this has been a good solution. We have also color coded all the bathroom stuff. Maria is pink, Kain is blue, Jack is'll notice the washrags hanging on pegs next to the boxes in the appropriate colors. To the right, over the clawfoot tub, there hangs their three bath towels in pink, blue, and green. I'm quite tickled with myself.
You might wonder, as Maria already has, what will happen when (God willing) we have another child. Right now, you see, it works out quite neatly, three shelves for three kids. Well, we also have a larger not-quite-finished upstairs bathroom. Hopefully by the time we have another bathroom user this upstairs bathroom will be completed and can become a "big kids" bathroom. Then the tiny downstairs bathroom can just be for kids still young enough to need some hand-holding during the grooming/bathing process.

Oh, and you're not hallucinating, Maria's bath box is bigger than the others. I didn't realize I'd bought one in a different size, but it's worked out well enough. Maria, true to femine tradition, already has more bathroom "stuff" to keep track of than the boys do.

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