Thursday, November 07, 2013

p,h,f,r- Costume Edition

I'm going to totally make this link up work for posting Halloween and All Saint's pictures. Let's see...Tess is an obvious pick for "pretty", in her pretty butterfly costume.

This was taken at the nursing home John is working at now. We trick or treated there, which was just about our speed this year. This is the third year I think Tess has been a butterfly or fairy. Any excuse to wear a tutu and sparkly wings.

She was Mother Teresa for All Saint's Day...her name Saint!

Jack was very *happy* Momma sprang for this overpriced costume. He very badly wanted to be Mario.

He was Saint Anthony for All Saint's Day. Notice all the missing objects glued to his robe?

Here's Henry, quite *happy* as a fireman!

Mary was a very *funny* little giraffe for Halloween.

And here's a *funny* picture of Maria after she returned from trick or treating with her friend.

And, in the name of keeping it *real*...

Here's Henry as Saint Blaise, in a costume idea I totally stole from Charlotte,,,thank you Charlotte! This picture was taken at our church.

But here's what happened at our All Saint's Day party when it was time for him to parade his costume for everyone. Anxiety attack.

Back at the church, this is what happened when I tried to get a picture of all the kids together. Hmph.

I finally had to have John hold Mary to get a picture of her as St. Lucia.

She actually wore a white dress with a red ribbon around her waist to the party, but when it was time for mass I couldn't find the dress...she ended up in this red one. Ah well.
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