Wednesday, November 27, 2013

B is for....

...Being a Bit late. Only through the letter B? Shameful. Actually, we are about halfway through C, but's going very slowly. What can I say? We have been crazy busy, and preschool-y projects sometimes have to be postponed. Between corn maze trips, Halloween, All Saints Day, and painfully adjusting to new, letter B covered a lot of ground, as you will see.

**edited to add, I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and forgot to finish it up and post it! So, B is for a Bit Befuddled...**

First we did the Little Saints unit on Birds...

(Henry stringing Cheerios to make a birdfeeder)

Here we are digging up some dirt to make an earthworm habitat. Not sure how this ties into birds...though some birds eat worms, yes? In any case, it was in the Little Saints unit, and it impressed the heck out of my kids!

Doesn't Tess look annoyed? I'm not sure why she looked this way. She is not bothered about getting dirty.

Even Mary wanted to "help".

I used bait shop worms..."baby" nightcrawlers. They were huge!

And then the By Sea and Sky unit. I don't think I got a picture of our books for that one. I'll snag a couple of images from amazon. In that unit we learned about airplanes, hot air balloons,

boats, and other things that float and sink. This is just a few of the books we read!

(making gliders with a kit from Oriental Trading)

a tray of items that float and sink

B is also for Beading rosaries...

And really long *Bangs* (she cut her hair again, sigh)

A Beaded letter "B"

and Jack's fall Baseball season...

and his ninth Birthday.

the cake is a Wii remote. You can tell that, right? Say yes....

Three freshly Butchered pumpkins (I had to get this picture in with the letter B somehow..)

Bingo games we made with this website. We have made a shapes bingo and a number recognition bing...great for reinforcing Tess's math.

Baking letter "B" bread

sorting Beans

Thanks for joining me on this Belated letter "B" Brain dump! Next up, the letter "C", for Cool fall weather and Colors. Hopefully I will get it up here before winter arrives!


Teri Garrett said...

hey call me. Did you get my message about us going to Rome? I have a gift for you. Also Eden is dying to see Maria!

Christine said...

Hot Air Henry was the first book I EVER checked out of a library when I was in first grade(I didn't understand how books were organized, and was searching the "c" section to find something about cats. Calhoun starts with C), so it has a sentimental spot in my heart. Our local library doesn't have it, though!