Thursday, November 21, 2013

{p,h,f,r}, completely random edition

Ok, I have not planned this at all this week so I have no idea what I'm posting. I'm just going to wing it!

This *pretty* picture is actually the last one I'm posting. I put this picture on facebook but I'm out of time...the baby is I'm going to post it here too. A *pretty* girl doing a picture study of *pretty* art cards. This picture was of Pot of Geraniums by Matisse.

*happy* kids playing in leaf piles!

a *funny* picture of Mary Claire at our neighborhood park. It's blurry and dark because it was taken at night. We had a spur of the moment pajama run for ice cream and a spontaneous stop at the park to swing in the dark. The kids thought it was hysterical!

I have one small person that loves meat. I have one that loves carbs. This is a *real* picture of their leftovers one night. We had bowtie pasta with bacon and tomatoes, italian bread...John says we should just have them swap plates halfway through the meal.

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Rachelle said...

The leftovers picture made me giggle. Your husband may be on to something with the swapping plates idea!