Thursday, October 24, 2013


A *pretty* girl, doing a picture study of a *pretty* picture. She is sketching "Pot of Geraniums" by Henri Matisse. Can I tell you how much I love our curriculum?

A *happy* birthday sign for me! Can you guess who made each square? Henry finger painted that first greenish blob. Tess did the hot pink and purple one. Jack, Mr. Sensible, did the simple blue one. Mary Claire smeared a little on that yellow one and Maria helped her put a pink footprint on it. And then Maria painted a watercolor on the last one.I am 39 now!

my *funny* still-sightless baby. I may never get a nice picture of her again.

She just scwinches all up every time she sees that camera flash coming!

And for *real*, here's evidence of our real troubles...our latest issue with Jack is naming calling. They just roll out of his mouth at the littlest frustration. So we have started having him write them several times on the dry erase board as a consequence. It has taken a while, but I think it is helping. I have even heard him catch and stop himself a few times.

round button chicken


Erin said...

Happy Birthday!!!

What art curriculum are you using - does it come with all the prints? I have gotten bad about our picture study lately... I have been just printing paintings off the internet.

And I must say, that is some creative name-calling!

mel said...

ha! Yes, he comes up with some good ones. Sometimes I fight the urge to laugh..he calls Maria an "oaf" all the time.

Those cards are the Child-Sized Masterpieces. MODG uses them in the early grades for all sorts of different activies.