Thursday, October 10, 2013

{p,h,f,r} sisters edition

Here's a *pretty* little girlie that joined me on the deck this morning after planting 40 tulip bulbs. Yesterday we planted 40 daffodil bulbs. Next, 3 flats of pansies!

And here's a couple of *pretty* girls watching the fish at the library where we escaped one rainy afternoon.

Here's Maria keeping Mary Claire *happy* this morning during our morning rosary. I always feel like we should be kneeling or something. But then I think, "Is this a hill I really want to die on?"

These pictures crack me up. Mary Claire had stuffed her cheeks full of apple, like a chipmunk, and I was trying to get a picture...

..but she has learned to be ready for the flash and kept closing her eyes.

These are only about half the pictures I took trying to get one with her eyes open.

Behold, the poor sightless baby!

Here's who I shared my bed with last night, a *real* sleeping beauty in her polka-dotted pajamas and bright yellow tutu. Notice our cat Dinah has joined us as well.

round button chicken

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Anonymous said...

Pray as you can, not as you can't. At least you are praying!
Angela M. :)