Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The catch up- Mary Claire

Hi, I'm here, I'm here!
I'm joining up with Jen at conversion diary. I want to start blogging regularly again and maybe this will get the ball rolling. I'm to do seven posts in seven days, and today is the first day. Quick, I have 15 minutes!! Ummm...seven. Seven days. We have seven people in this house. How about an update on everyone? Yes? Okey dokey. Let's see...tonight's update will be whomever I have a ready and recent picture of quickly available.

The baby, of course! Mary Claire is almost 14 months old now. She is starting to walk, just barely, little tentative steps before dropping to the ground. She is opinionated and busy and trying to climb the coffee table. The cutest parts of the day are watching her with the other kids. Henry *adores* her, especially, and she wants so badly to be one of the big kids. She tries so hard to get out the backdoor when they leave it open, to get into whatever they are doing in the play room. Be patient, little girly! This time next year you will be right in the thick of it.

I made it! Not midnight!


Home School Mom: Denise said...

Those kids are SO adorable :) I would have to give that baby girl EVERYTHING SHE WANTS if she looked at me! LOL So sweet!! Nice to see you blogging again!!

mel said...

Thanks Denise!Yeah, she does kind of have us all at her disposal...