Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catch-up- Mom

Ok, so it's hard to get good picture together of the grown ups too. I mean, we are the ones behind the camera, right? When we are in a picture, it's as a prop for children, this...
See? I'm just holding up the baby, really.

Or, I'm in the picture, part of the picture, but I'm sweaty and gross and making a weird face...

Right?! What was going on here?! Well, I'll tell you, this was taken at Familyland last year when we were camping for a week. That's right! Camping for a week with five children! haha!...I was hot, tired, and pretty freshly postpartum as you can see by the wee babe I'm nursing there. That, my friends, is the cheesy grin of someone on the edge of hysteria. Give that woman a beer and a nap, please.

Here's a sad attempt at getting my *own* durn photo. Also at Familyland.
Those always turn out so well. Look at those bags. Concealer, please?
Sigh. Anyway... So, an update for me. Well, an updates for the kids pretty much *feels* like an update for me. I mean, what else is there? I realize that's all very un-politically correct, but there it is,,,when you have this many little kids, it pretty much defines your days, you know? And in a good way. A very good way. :)

Ok, well let me dig a little. There's the homeschooling thing. Still doing that. What else? Um..ooh, I got something. In a stroke of pure craziness I signed up to teach PSR again at our parish. I will be teaching Jack's third grade class. I have taught third grade before. My first year teaching was a third/fourth grade combination class. It didn't go very well. They are old enough to be pretty attitude-y, and I didn't know how to handle that back then when my oldest was only three. I do now. Still, I do prefer to teach the littler grades. It's just what I enjoy. But Jack had a hard time with some things last much so that we decided not to put him in PSR at all. I mean, we do use a Catholic curriculum. For us, it's mostly about socializing. The people that teach are wonderful, really, but Jack is know. Jack. So, I was going to drop it for Jack, and then he surprised me by saying he wanted to go back! And we decided the best way to make that experience best for him was to have one of us there for the ride. I will probably be involved for as many years as Jack wants to attend PSR. Our classes are only once every other week, and I will be teaching with someone else, so hopefully it won't be too intensive for me. Honestly, the hardest part for me last time was that I had to keep missing when one of my own kids was sick. Some years, you know how it is, it seems like many weeks go by when *someone* is sick, and that combined with a husband that works weird shifts meant that I was relying too much on the other teacher to cover for me. I felt guilty about that and just decided this wasn't a good time in my life to volunteer for these things. But here I am again, and we will see how it goes. I have Maria for help, and sometimes John will be home too. They do have a nursery for the younger kids...if they are well!

Ok, well, it's complete bedlam here and getting this posted has been very frustrating, so I'm going to stop here! One last day in this 7 posts in 7 days! Guess who's left?


Home School Mom: Denise said...

So nice to see momma and daddy! And that sweet I said..I'd be like giving her everything she wants! ;)

Good luck with the PSR assisting. I hope it works out. I understand what that can be like for sure.

Bless you +

Erin said...

I love to see that your scapular does that too, where it tries to come out of your shirt at the back... apparently babies/toddlers and scapulars don't mix, ha! Every time I nurse, it gets messed up, and every time a toddler climbs up me, it gets messed up... I guess we can offer it up as a sacrifice!

Lisa said...

Love these posts! I am teaching CCD again this year. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me when I say "yes" so many times. ;-)

mel said...

Ha! Yes, my scapular is always in a twisty wad. sometimes nice and wet too, if the baby has been chewing on it. It makes a great mass distraction though.

Lisa, I know, I am always saying "yes" and regretting it later, "WHY did I do this again?"