Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Catch Up- Jack

Jack is going into third grade this year. That is just MIND BLOWING to me. He was two years old when I started this blog, did you know that? TWO. So, Jack, for those who have traveled to this blog for the first time via the 7 posts in 7 days link up, is autistic...see links to the left to read more about that.

Jack loves...playing baseball, jumping on the trampoline, trains, maps, comic books, string cheese and grapes and goldfish crackers (like, twice a day, ya'll), McDonald's, pizza, and wii.

Jack DOES NOT love...schoolwork. Especially phonics, or anything else that involves much writing, eating anything but the aforementioned foods, people that sit too close to him, and thunderstorms.

He is really doing much better in school. But his attention is terrible,,,I have to sit right next to him to keep him on task,,,and his reading comprehension, although improving, is very poor. This is likely related to the attention thing, and we are on a waiting list to get back into the developmental clinic to see what we can do about that. But you know, we enjoy Jack. He is an enjoyable kid.

I was browsing my photos to find some good shots of Jack to share, and you know what? I don't have any. Well, hardly any. It is crazy nonsense to try and get a good picture of Jack. Look, I'll show you. He received his first communion this past spring. Big occasion, yes? Begs for a nice picture, don't you think? So I dressed him up and before he could get all dirty and rumpled I posed him outside in front of the dogwood. And he's all distracted and picking leaves and so I say brightly, "Jack, look at me and say 'First Communion'!" And he does.

Eh. Weird face. Yard looks messy too. Let's move in a little. One more time, "Jack, look at me and say 'First Communion'!"

What is with the face? Why won't he look at me? "Jack, LOOK at ME and say 'First Communion'!"

Sigh. Having him say something is clearly making the weird face. Never mind. I'll try again at the church.

"Ok, just smile Jack!"

"Ok, not so much. Put your chin down."

(sigh) "Ok, great, thanks Jack."

"Ok, let's try again, and keep your chin down and smile!"

Really? WTH? "Ok, Jack, forget the chin, just look at me."

"Ok, but SMILE, ok? Look at me and smile!"

(Sigh)"Ok, great!"
And then, a last ditch attempt when they are lining up for the group shot...

You know what? That first picture wasn't so bad after all. A little cropping will fix it up...

Yep. That's just fine. You're just fine Jack. I love you, to the moon and back.


Home School Mom: Denise said...

LOL oh Jack :) such a sweetie!
This reminds me of the poor craft teacher at our co-op that decided to take a picture of each of the children in her class for a craft project one day. Alas, Mark was in her class...and he was 7 yrs old. And by the time she got to him for photos...oh my....she had her hands full for sure...I can't tell you HOW MANY she took, but it was WAY MORE than she had ever planned for!!! I knew he could not feel or tell what his face was doing!! LOL Well, I have that craft on the side of my freezer..with "the face" on it! Such a memory!

mel said...

ha! Jack has a group VBS picture...all you can see is the back of his head.

Julie said...

That's hilarious! I go through the same scenario with some of my children. Maybe they have to learn how to be photogenic. I always try to get them to laugh and then just sneak a couple of pictures. Anyway, glad to see you're back to blogging. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

You should see the proofs from Nick's senior pictures. There were 20 of them. He had that weird awkward smile in almost all of them.

Loving all of your posts on the kids. Keep them coming.

Lisa said...

He is just precious! What a sweetie. I remember when you started your blog. Wow! I am going to enjoy reading all of your posts. Much love to you, friend! :-)