Friday, July 26, 2013

The Catch-up- Maria's almost as difficult to get a picture of Maria as it is of Jack. Combined with this is the teenager issue. She is old enough to be opinionated about what pictures she likes, and those pictures aren't always the ones *I* like. She likes pictures like these....

...the mole is fake. And she doesn't wear this much make-up in real life. She was playing around with a girlfriend. Gorgeous, she is, but posed and unnatural. And too much damned make up.

I prefer these...these look like Maria. Natural, beautiful, and showing her crazy personality. She comes by it honestly, the crazy I mean. ;)

Maria is going into 11th grade this year. BIG.BIG.SIGH. It's very weird to have a child this old. We are starting to have conversations about "when Maria is gone" or "when Maria moves out", even though we don't really know when that will be. We talk about going to a four year college, and we also talk about going to the junior college up the street, and I don't know where that will all land. I just know that the day looms near when my first baby will be out in the world. That makes me feel all at once proud and horrified.

So, Maria---Maria loves her room, facebook, make up and jewelry and clothes and all manner of sparkly objects, organizing stuff, Life Teen, music, funny movies, animals of all sorts, ice cream, and, well, she might not always *love* small children but she definitely has a *way* with them, and they definitely love *her*. She must love them more than she's willing to admit, because she is wanting, at least at the moment, to major in early education.

Maria hates--onions, history, algebra, crickets and spiders, cleaning, and boys that flirt with her. Oh, wait...that last part is just me.

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