Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Low budget ice cream cake

Just wanted to share a quickie summer dessert. This is a lot of fun for kids to make. We made this one for Henry's name day a few weeks ago.

From walmart- $15

Homemade with this Duggar recipe- about $3

Now, the Duggar recipe is supersized, of course! We didn't need one that big. I made ours in a 9 inch square glass pan. I used five 1/2 ice cream sandwiches, about 2/3 of a tub of cool whip (probably just woulda used the whole thing, but I needed a bit for another recipe), the rest of a bottle of chocolate syrup that's been kicking around the fridge, and a couple of bags of ancient M&M's in my baking stash. This recipe was really easy to make and would be fun to mess around with using different flavors of syrup, candies, nuts, fruit even...I'd love to make one with blueberries, or maybe some nuts and caramel syrup....yum!


Anonymous said...

You have M&Ms in a stash? How does that even happen?


mel said...

I know! I mean, I buy candies all the time to decorate stuff like this, and I always eat it. I have been known to eat some pretty stale twizzlers while cooking dinner.