Saturday, May 24, 2008

updates...almost week 41

No baby. No, no baby. I'm so bummed.
I went to the midwife yesterday and she said I'm about 70% effaced and a couple of centimeters dilated...she was even able to touch the baby's head, which made me kind of wistful because *I* would sure like to touch the baby's head...and she said I should be ready any time now. She said if nothing happened in a couple of days we would start trying some cohosh and such to try and get things started. Then when I got home I was pretty sure that my water was leaking....but it either sealed over or the baby's head corked everything off. I had some pretty strong contractions for a while last night, but they puttered off again. So, here I sit, in maternity limbo...trying to be patient, trying to stay motivated to keep up with laundry and housework. I swore I wouldn't do this again, put life on hold when my due date approached, but it seems to have happened anyway. I told the kids that if the baby isn't here on Monday we are going back on our school schedule. I wish I had never taken them off of it, but that was mostly so that I could get stuff done that I needed to do before the baby that stuff is done and everyone is bored and cranky. John is on vacation and has already used up a week of time off for nothing. Come on, baby!!!

Oh, and we got the air conditioner fixed...$830. Goodbye, economic stimulus check! I was so hoping to use that to pay the fence guy to come finish our privacy fence...(sigh)...

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entropy said...

Oh, Mel! Praying for strength and a quick baby. :)

And the a/c at least you had the money when you needed it! :)