Tuesday, May 20, 2008

update on peanut

Well...yesterday was my due date. So now, I am overdue, overdone, like a turkey, which is what I feel like, pretty much, a giant, overheated, overdue turkey.

I have contractions every day, and baby feels quite low and uncomfortable. I think I passed part of my mucus plug yesterday (there's that mucus talk again, sorry) and hoped that would be a sign of things really getting started. Things did not. It did motivate me to jump up and clean the kitchen though, so that was something.

In other news, John is officially on vacation now, so he's home for three weeks, which is wonderful. It's just nice to have the company, the distraction. Kain had OT yesterday, and then soccer practice, and John was kind of peeved that I took him to these things because "we are trying to have a baby", but sitting around here 24/7 doesn't make it any more likely to start labor, and it makes the waiting more irritating. It's far better for me to try to just do our daily lives than to sit around on the couch like some kind of Buddha.

Don't you like all the images today?

I'm trying to keep up with the daily house stuff so that I won't freak out too much when the in-laws head our way. We have dropped all pretense of doing school, although I really need to at least resume poetry...they are both in the middle of memorizing poems and I'm afraid they'll forget everything! Today I plan to catch up on bills and deskwork type stuff again. I also need to call the air conditioner guy first thing this morning because our AIR CONDITIONER QUIT WORKING LAST NIGHT, ARRRGGGHHHH! Totally unacceptable. Could the timing BE any worse?

Anyway, I will post something when things get started, which really should be any time now. My last two were right around their due dates, so hopefully this one will follow suit.


Entropy said...

Waiting with you! I keep checking thinking I'll see a quick "It's time!" post... :)

My second was only 3 days late but I think I jump started it by taking a long walk and climbing (stepping up and down) on farm equipment! heh.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Love the images! I LOVE my air conditioner and life STOPS when it is not working.:( Hopefully yours will be up and running very soon!

Keep me posted on the little one(and you, too!). I would like to make a meal for you once the baby is here. Any special requests? Don't worry, we won't hang around and bother you (that is one thing I couldn't stand when my girls were born!!). I did adore the friends with well wishes, a yummy meal, and a promise to visit at a later time.:-) Lori

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness - I hope the AC is working again for you! That is just evil to have happen to a pregnant woman! [love that turkey image LOL!]