Sunday, May 25, 2008

confusing communion

We sit up front during mass...this works best for our kids. But there's a trick to it. You're first in line for the collection basket. You're first in line for communion too, and since there's hardly anyone ahead of you, you will be receiving communion quickly. You've got to be on the ball to sit up front, something that can be difficult during a mass filled with the distractions that come with juggling kids.

Today, I was ready enough. John filed out, then I followed with Jack by the hand, and Maria was behind me (Kain was at his dad's). As soon as I stood up, a contraction started. I was already lagging behind because I could only move at Jack's pace, so I bit my lip as the baby squished down rather painfully on my bladder and shuffled forward so as not to hold up the line. Once out of the pew, I lunged for Jack, who had jerked away from me, and snatched him by both hands, still contracting. All of a sudden I found myself face to face with our priest. He held up the host expectantly while I looked at him, and it, with confusion, surprised to be there. I almost reached up and grabbed the host with one hand, like he was handing me a cup of coffee or something, which would have been inappropriate to say the least, but that's how disoriented I was. I paused and looked stupidly for a minute at Father, trying to remember if I had even bowed my head or anything, and how I was going to receive when I had Jack by both hands anyway?, and then awkwardly stuck out my tongue to receive before shuffling my still contracting self back to my seat. It all took place in less than a minute and Father probably didn't even notice anything, but I felt embarassed anyway, especially since Father couldn't have possibly known he had given communion to someone who was struggling mightily just to keep from peeing on his feet.


entropy said...

That's funny in an uh-oh sort of way! That means this is it, right? :) I had a dream my sis-in-law had her baby last night but it must have been you! You know how dreams can be.

Quick, safe delivery for baby and mama!

mel said...

Oh no, that didn't mean much. I've been having contractions forever now. They don't seem to "take" though. :) We left church and went to Barnes and Noble...I've been having lots of contractions today, but they never get regular. I'm hoping...always hoping!

Jennie C. said...

Too funny, in a been there, done that sort of way. :-)

Kelly said...


Well, I'm so glad you managed not to pee on his feet at least! ;)

Bless your heart... being a mom is so fun at times, isn't it?!!!!