Monday, January 14, 2008

Some pictures...January nature walk

These are all out of order and I'm too lazy to sort them out. Generally we start our walks going down a leg of trail that winds through the woods, over a cool limestone trail that used to be the bottom of a sea bed, and the kids sketch their trees and watch birds and that kind of thing. Then we go down another leg that heads up to a small waterfall. This waterfall is run off from a dam above the trail. There's benches near the top where we sit and have a snack before heading back through to the car.

Here's the part where Jack likes to give us all mini strokes by hanging off the edge of the bridge. Over and over again.

This is the waterfall...I have some gorgeous pictures of Maria from a few years ago on the rocks in front of the fall, but now the area around the falls is fenced off to keep hikers away...apparently parts of the area were being damaged.

The creek at the bottom of the falls.

The kids in front of the falls,,,there's that unscenic fence. Jack was filthy by this time.

Maria's tree...she picked a pawpaw. We will sketch and photograph it each month to observe the changes through the seasons.

Kain's tree...a dogwood. I encourage them to pick fruiting trees...more changes to see. Can't tell much from photos unfortunately...just looks like a bunch of sticks this time of year!

Kain sketching his tree.

Jack with his favorite past time, throwing rocks in the creek. I think he could do this for hours.

Limestone bluffs along the trail...very cool!


Terimisu said...

OMG Maria looks so grown up!!
She is beautiful. Hopefully we can get the girls together one day soon.

mysteryhistorymom said...

We love this place! Can we tag along next time?