Saturday, January 26, 2008

a little eerie

The other day we went to visit my grandmother. When we got home and I was dressing Jack in pajamas, I asked him if he had fun visiting Grandmom. He said, "She cries." Puzzled, I said, "Grandmom cries? Why does Grandmom cry?" And he said, "Because she doesn't have a Grandpa."

My grandfather died 3 years ago when Jack was just 3 months old. He doesn't have any memory of him, or of course even know that he existed, really, we've never talked to him about my grandfather. The only time I can think of that I've even mentioned him was that day at her apartment...he had picked up a baseball cap that my grandfather used to wear every day. Jack put it on his head and I told him that was my Grandaddy's hat.

He has he ever seen my grandmother cry either. But she does. She cries often, and has struggled with depression ever since his death.

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entropy said...

What a perceptive little guy. He didn't see her cry while you were out of the room or anything?

Sweet to see them have so much compassion.