Wednesday, January 16, 2008

catholic pick-up lines

Found on a yahoo homeschooling group....

Top Ten Conservative Catholic Pickup Lines

10. May I offer you a light for that votive candle?

9. Hi there. My buddy and I were wondering if you would settle a
dispute we're having. Do you think the word should be pronounced
HOMEschooling, or homeSCHOOLing?

8. Sorry, but I couldn't help notice how cute you look in that
ankle-length, shapeless, plaid jumper.

7. What's a nice girl like you doing at a First Saturday Rosary
Cenacle like this?

6. You don't like the culture of death either? Wow! We have so much
in common!

5. Let's get out of here. I know a much cozier little Catholic
bookstore downtown.

4. I bet I can guess your confirmation name.

3. You've got stunning scapular-brown eyes.

2. Did you feel what I felt when we reached into the holy water font
at the same time?

1. Confess here often?


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Journey of Truth said...

Yes, that is from the Bad Catholic's Guide to Good Living (page 47) by John Zmirak and Denise Matychowiak. They have a new one out called The Bad Catholic's Guide to Wine, Whisky and Song. Both are hilarious!