Thursday, December 06, 2007


So, today is the feast day of St. Nicholas, and at our house he puts chocolate coins in children's shoes and leaves a family gift of some kind, a gift that contributes something new to do during the long winter evenings indoors...last year it was the Chronicles of Narnia dvds. This year he was about board games, leaving Homeschoolopoly (doesn't that look silly!), and Payday.

The problem was that I misplaced St. Nicholas' chocolate coins. I bought them when I bought the little candies for the Jesse Tree bags, and I stashed them....somewhere. I looked last night for a little while, but I was so tired my head was spinning, so I decided to go to bed and look in the morning since I'm almost always up before the big kids. I was up at 6:15, tearing the house apart, digging through all my usual hiding places,,,high kitchen cabinets, empty vases in the hutch cabinets, top shelf of the pantry...nothing! I finally located them in the back of a bookshelf. I'm sure hiding them there made sense at the time. It was 6:45, and the kids woke up at 7. Phew! Wish I could still have coffee!

To further celebrate today, we will read The Real Santa Claus. Then we will dig out The Polar Express (St. Nicholas brought this the year before last) when Jack goes down for a nap and have some Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate to drink while we watch. I feel a little mean about doing this during Jack's nap, but the truth is that, 1.he really just doesn't sit through long movies very well yet and will just be a distraction to the big kids, and 2. the big kids will surely be watching it again and again anyway. This movie is just magic for Kain, and I want to make it special for him especially...with an ADHD kid, that means no distractions.

Tomorrow we will read The Legend of St. Nicholas and watch St. Nicholas, the Boy Who Became Santa....if we can get the VCR to work. It is dying a slow death, and we can no longer find a replacement that is not a VCR/DVD combo. This VCR/DVD thing is a pet peeve of mine...but that's another post altogether.


Terimisu said...

you are so sweet to Kain. He is lucky to have you Mel.

Entropy said...

Good for you to celebrate St. Nicholas Day! I keep thinking we will but adding one more thing just makes me want to cry!

If we can keep up with our Jesse tree, I'll be happy!

mel said...

Oh, thanks Teri.

We've done pretty good so far this Advent. I think because I've dropped most of the schoolwork in favor of doing Advent stuff....haha! We were in need of a break anyway.