Sunday, December 16, 2007

A bit disappointing....

Well, it's just before noon or so, and here's what's left of our snow...if you look hard, you can see a bit in the shade of the telephone pole.

The snow started yesterday and came down fast and furious for maybe an hour at the most. Then it slowed to nothing but a few flurries for the remainder of the evening. This morning is warm and sunny, barely worth putting on a coat for, and the bit of snow we had is melting fast. Poor Kain is quite irritated about it.


entropy said...

so is dh who was born and raised far far north of here. He said we need to move where the snow isn't a tease.

Me? I'm thinking it was great that it snowed but it's also great that we're not freezing our butts off!

mel said...

Yeah, I didn't like those extremely cold temperatures. If we get one or two good snowfalls, enough to play in for at least a whole day, it's enough for