Sunday, December 09, 2007

the first cooties of the season....

Well, the long and healthy summer was fun while it lasted. Frankly, I'm impressed we made it this far, what with all the asthmatics in the house and all the stuff I know has been floating around out there. Kain and I started coughing a few days ago,,,then Jack started coughing yesterday. I was holding out hopes that it was just asthma stuff (all three of us have asthma). When I went to bed last night, my own coughing was keeping me awake for about an hour until it finally settled down enough for me to sleep. Then, around 11:30 last night, I heard Jack over the baby monitor coughing hard in his sleep, then crying. I went downstairs and got him a drink of water and he seemed sleepy and settled quickly, but soon after would start again. By my third trip down, he was wheezing and hot with fever. So, I brought him, his sippy cup of water, and an inhaler and spacer upstairs to my bed and we spent the next several hours trying to doze and hitting the albuterol...both of us. He finally fell into a hard sleep early in the morning and slept until 7ish. He woke up feeling somewhat cooler but breathing fast and hard...and coughing, of course. So, we went downstairs and broke out the nebulizer. That worked much better and he has seemed pretty comfortable today. Around 10am he started looking coughing again, developed circles under his eyes, and just looked pretty worn out, so I gave him another nebulizer treatment and put him back to bed. He's still there, but I can hear him stirring and talking to himself, so I guess I'd better go check on him.

So, here's to all the moms out there, in my first of many nights this winter, I'm sure, up with sick kiddos! :) Here's your checklist....the corporal works of mercy

To feed the hungry- check

To give drink to the thirsty- check, check...lots of water pushing going on.

To clothe the naked- actually, I kind of stripped the naked down to a onesie once the fever started....

To shelter the homeless- right in my very own bed.

To visit the sick- That's a given, especially after spending the morning watching Little Einsteins.

To ransom the captive- from his very own crib.

To bury the dead- Well, thankfully it hasn't come to that...

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Sounds like we have very similar sickness at our house. I love the laugh you gave me - thanks! I hope your guys [and you] feel better really soon!