Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve Eve

This will probably be my last post until Tuesday evening. We are in the final haul here. I'm having a bit of a mood today, isn't that terrible and un-Christmas-y? Just lots of stuff to do this week and lots of things that aren't working out quite right...from a way-to-big-for-our-living-room tree that bumps into the ceiling fan and is hard to even function around and that is already dropping it's needles and ornaments from drooping the cranberry walnut bread I tried to bake for Christmas gifts that is coming out gooey in the the 15 pounds of fudge I made that just wore me out to no end. Tonight I will put the boys to bed and go upstairs to wrap the gifts, all of which I've managed to save until the last minute. Hopefully a night's sleep will improve my mood.

Plans for the coming week...

Monday- Wild flurry of cooking and cleaning until my parents arrive, then we will head off for our parish's Christmas pageant and mass. Kain is a shepherd and Maria is in the choir. We will come home to chili cheese dip, spinach spread and pumpernickel bread, eggnog, and Jesus' birthday cake. The kids will get to open two presents, a new ornament and new pajamas. Then I'll play Santa and wait for John to come home from work.

Tuesday- We will do the whole present shebang and then drive up to my parents/Little Portion Hermitage for Christmas dinner and visiting. This is where almost half the fudge will go. John will be off too! We'll make the long drive home and collapse, thankful to have managed to pull of another Christmas.

Wednesday- I will balance accounts and bills and assess holiday damages before payday. The kids will get the day to enjoy their Christmas presents and relax.
We will read The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey for tea time.

Thursday- School schedule. Aren't I mean? I know, it's still Christmas, right? We've had a very slacker Advent as far as school is concerned, and we all feel the need to get some structure back. I'm starting to have some discipline issues as far as chores and all go, and the fix for that is to get back on routine. Also, I got Maria's new high dollar spelling program, Phonetic Zoo,,,it's recommended for kids with visual learning issues. I'm anxious to start it. Here's hoping it helps, the child still has so much difficulty with spelling, (sigh). Instead of our regular afternoon subjects though, we will finish up some things we didn't get to during Advent...this day I plan to read Country Angel Christmas and make gold glitter stars.

Friday- We will do a bit of school in the morning before heading out for a park day with our homeschool group. In the afternoon we will read Clown of God for tea time.

Saturday- Grocery shopping and, if the weather cooperates, a nature walk. Hey, you gotta get out in the winter too! If the weather doesn't cooperate, we will read Legend of the Poinsettia and make tissue paper flowers.

Sunday- Mass and hopefully a day of rest. Today was not one.

Hope you have a blessed and holy Christmas! Please join me in not getting so freaked out over the holiday that you lose the meaning of the holy day.

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Kelly said...

I'm tired just reading all this!

I hope you are feeling better and having a wonderful, blessed Christmas day!