Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas pictures

Please excuse any popcorn litter on the living room floor. My vacuum was clogged up with pine needles and needed to be taken apart, and Jack had strewn popcorn everywhere... :)

Here's our way-too-big-for-our-living-room tree.

Here's the top of the tree. It bumps up into the ceiling fan...must think smaller next year.

The advent wreath turned Christmas wreath.

My dad and kids....we were singing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus after Christmas Eve mass before having....

birthday cake! What else? This is one of my favorite little traditions...a fun way to remind the kids why we are really doing all of this.

New Christmas Eve pj's

Christmas morning...Jack with his new toolbench.

Kain after emptying his stocking. That's a "pet tornado" in his pocket.

Jack with new books. I was tickled with the way he immediately grabbed them and ran off into a corner to check them out.

Kain got a couple of new Lego kits...he's really getting into them.

Jack on my parents' land later Christmas day. It ended up being warm and beautiful!

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Kelly said...

These are great! It looks like a wonderful Christmas for sure!