Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mother's Day daybook

Outside my's dark and cool. I'm loving these cool nights. I know they won't last!

I am hearing...Celtic Woman. It's background music for a Wii game Maria is playing. Jack chattering with Maria. Tess chattering to her dolls. It's time to get kids in bed.

I am thinking...about this baby. Kind of pensive in turned inward lately...alternating between appreciating these last couple of weeks of "life as we know it" and anxiously hoping for an early appearance.

I am thankful for...birthday parties! Today we did a combo Mother's Day/Tess's 4th birthday/Henry's 2nd birthday party thing. I don't like the idea of doing combo birthday parties, but they are both so little and they were thrilled with it, and it was just the easiest thing to do right now with all that is going on. It was a nice day, a simple party with just family and presents and cake and such. Maria helped me quite a lot with all the preparing. Also, confirmations! Maria was confirmed last weekend! I obviously have a backlog of pictures to post...she picked Maria Goretti as her confirmation Saint.

I am wearing...a white polo with pink flowers, and pajama pants. I had a skirt on earlier. I ditched it for the pajama pants a few hours ago. :)

We are currently reading...Henry loves Leo Lionni right now...A Color of His Own is a favorite. He also loves (and so do I), the charming Little Blue Truck. I am reading the latest edition of The Womanly Guide to Breastfeeding on my nook. My paperback version was an older edition and tattered.

I am praying...for an early delivery! Just a little early. Or not late even. That would be good.

Latest on the babies...this little honey is a biggun...just like the others. I had an ultrasound a few days ago and the estimated weight is already 9'14, ha! And the head is measuring at 42 weeks. Actually, the head was measuring a bit bigger than that, but that was the biggest parameter they had. I also have a bit of extra fluid. Because the giant baby isn't enough to lug around. I'm having contractions all.the.time today. I keep hoping that they will turn into something, but I know they probably won't. See? That was posted a month before Tess was born See?! This is a week before she was born. So, I don't expect to go anywhere real soon. Sigh.

From the butterfly birthday cupcakes for Tess. Baseball cookies for Henry. Mocha Cappuccino cupcakes that Maria made for Mother's Day. Oh my goodness, they are really good too. I'm not even a huge cake fan, but these turned out wonderfully...

Around the house...a mess. Really. Just a mess. I have really got to get things together in the next day or two. As much as I want to go into labor, I'm kinda scared that I actually might with so much undone around here.

In the learning room...wrapping up as much as I possibly can. Speaking of undone. I need to get papers and grades off to our consultant. I had my consultation the other day and made lots of good plans for the upcoming school year. More about that later, I'm sure!

In the garden- Berry bushes look to be still alive, but not growing much. I haven't been great about watering, need to work on that...

Plans for the rest of the week...Monday, Jack has therapy of course. Wednesday will be busy. I have an OB appointment (38 weeks!), and I'm taking Maria and Tess to get haircuts, and we need to get a few groceries and a new crib mattress for the baby. I thought we had one. But Tess has recently moved back upstairs to sleep on a mattress on my bedroom floor. Sigh. So she has hers back now. Rest of the week looks fairly clear to work on nesting. Or birthing. :)

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Erin said...

ooh, mocha cappucino cupcakes sound great!! do u have a recipe??