Saturday, May 19, 2012

mole bites, nesting, and sweaty pregnancies, and baseball

I am starting this post sprawled out on the futon in the playroom, the coolest room in the house mostly because it has a truly awesome ceiling fan. All our rooms have ceiling fans. But the living room one is broken. The living room is also one of the hottest rooms. Naturally I avoid it at all costs. I actually have a new will hopefully be installed soon. Anyway, I never write on the nook normally, but the computer is, of course, in the living room. I am grateful that my last three pregnancies have been done with before summer arrives in full force.

Jack was bitten by a mole yesterday. You've never heard of someone getting bitten by a mole you say? Why, that is because you don't have a Jack around. He drums up new and exciting adventures almost daily. I was sitting at the hot computer desk and Jack comes wandering in and says, very casually, "A mouse bit me." It almost didn't register. I called him over to figure things out, and he said, "I picked it up and it stuck on me with its teeth. My blood started leaking out. Jesse is eating it." Inspection revealed a small bleeding wound on his finger. Maria ran outside to find the dog (Jesse) playing with a mole.

Today was Jack's last Miracle !eague baseball game of the season. He just loves to play. I was on my own today, which is always a little hairy. John had to work and Maria was with a friend. They do have a little playground area and a small concessions stand between fields, so that helped keep the littles happy and I could still kinda watch Jack play.

Tess with chalk. Henry with Cheetos.

Jack dearly loves his trophy.

No new baby news...some strongish contractions late today, but nothing regular and they always taper off. My energy has been a bit better and I have been scrubbing a bit obsessively. But the house really does need it!
***edited to add...I started this post yesterday afternoon, Saturday. It is now Sunday night, still having contractions. All day. And night. Not constantly, but frequent, and not miserable, but there. I'm considering a bit o'castor oil in the morning. I feel like things are trying to get started. Henry was a castor oil induction after being more than a week overdue, and it was very nifty and effective. I'm not getting so impatient that I feel like I need to do this *now*, but on the other hand, my first three births were days long whereas Henry was only a few hours long. That's looking pretty attractive after these last two uncomfortable days. It would also make arrangements for the other kids a lot easier if we only needed help for a few hours instead of so long... Hmmm.....


Mary @ tinyprayers said...

Bit by a mole? You have to be kidding!! Does he have to get rabies shots now?

Lisa said...

I had never heard of a mole bite before. I didn't even know that they come around people. I hope Jack's ok. The trophy photo is just precious. He looks so proud! I will continue to keep you in my prayers and look forward to hearing a birth story soon! :-)