Thursday, January 07, 2010

post-Christmas update

Oh my goodness. We are hit again! Since my last post, John fell ill...we couldn't really decide if he had the same thing the rest of us had or something new. Then yesterday Jack became sick. He woke up ok, if a bit cranky...then around noon someone said, "Hey, where's Jack?" And we all stopped...and listened...complete silence. Never a good sign, especially since Jack used to sneak out the front door on a regular basis not too long ago. Well, he didn't escape this time. I found him asleep in Kain's bed, one of his new books at his side. I immediately knew what the thermometer confirmed...fever. Jack never falls asleep during the daytime anymore unless he is sick. His temp was 103, and a couple of hours later it was 105. Flu swab was negative. Not a whole lot of other symptoms, just high fever, lots of sleepiness, and a bit of crankiness.

In the meantime, public schools have been cancelled all week due to weather. Which means Kain has been home from day treatment all week. Not fun. I mean, we weren't sending him there because things were going great at home, know what I mean? It's been a *long* week, people. And we've been stuck at home so long that even the otherwise-friendly natives are getting restless.

We are part-time back to school this week...mostly just math. I'm working hard on getting my school room cleaned up and organized, or at least I was until Jack got sick. I'm even making Kain do math. And for this I am SO, SO MEAN and also IT'S NOT FAIR. Whatevah. I can't tell that they are doing a lot of school work at this place, you know? They do some very basic math, and the teacher said she reads aloud out of a science or history book each day, I think that's about it. Not that I can complain much. If I had a classroom full of kids like Kain...and actually, the most of the other kids seem to have far more severe issues than Kain. And far more severe learning problems too. She said that Kain was one of two kids in her class that could even read very well at all. So, I guess I should count my blessings. (sigh)

Anywho, everything has been cancelled all week, between the weather and our cooties. We are *sorely* in need of getting back to normal around here. Tomorrow we are taking down the Christmas stuff, especially our very very sad looking tree...Tess has been really hard on it. The ornaments all ended up migrating to the top 2/3rds of the tree, but that didn't really solve the problem...Tess figured out that if she grabbed a branch and gave it a good shake, she could get some ornaments to fall down! haha! Clever girl!

We will leave the nativity up until Candlemas. This is new for us. I've heard that's what they do at the Vatican. So, if it's good enough for Papa Ben, it's good enough for us. Plus, I love my nativity, and I'm glad for an excuse to leave it up!

Update on the babies...Baby in the Belly is doing well, I assume. I haven't been to the midwife in two months! She is only in her office near us one day a week, Friday, and every week has had it's issues lately...especially since Christmas and New Year's were on Friday. But baby is kicking and moving lots and is obviously growing least it's obvious to those who can see me in real life. (sigh again)

Baby Tess is such a hoot. She's so much fun, she really is. She's very sweet and chatters like a monkey. Some of it we actually understand. She has added lots of new words and phrases. She got a baby doll and a doll stroller from my parents and grandmother for Christmas, and those were such a hit! It's too cute to see her toddling around with her "beebee" on her shoulder. Oh, won't she have fun when the new baby comes! The differences between her and Jack at this age are staggering, and reassuring that she won't have his autistic symptoms. On that end, we continue to wait (and wait, and wait) for Jack's appointment to be evaluated. We still don't know anything new there, only that the differences between Jack and other kids his age become more and more glaring as he gets older. But goodness, I do love that boy. He is so gentle and sweet, and he does love his Momma.

Ok, I'm off to throw lunch at people, and I hope to be back later today with pictures.

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Kelly said...

You know, not only should you count your blessings with Kain, you should also give yourself a pat on the back - where would he be right now if you guys hadn't taken him in and worked your tails off for the past few years to help him? You know?

And I am ROLF at Tess learning to shake the tree - she IS clever! We ended up with our ornaments on the top 1/3 because Gemma learned to pull the kiddie chair over to climb up and get the ones in the middle, but she never figured out to SHAKE that thing! ;)