Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas update...I don't have the energy for a daybook entry

I reread through my Christmas countdown and thought it might sound snarky. Really, I was laughing as I typed it. You can only laugh at the end of a day like that! And our Christmas was very good also,,,in other ways. :) I have pictures and nice memories to share. Not today though. Today, the stomach virus that started with Kain is working it's way through the house. Maria and I started with it yesterday, and Tess during the night last there anything more pitiful than a vomiting baby? Kain had been better and I thought he might go back to his day treatment today, but then he threw up first thing this morning. Tess, Maria, and I have spent all day upstairs on my bed, napping and watching dvd's, while the boys play Wii downstairs. Not quite the Christmas break I'd pictured, but we are surviving and I'm glad they are letting me rest. I'm also thankful that everyone has been able to keep water down well. My house looks like a bomb went off. It's pretty bad, but what can you do? I'm just glad no one has burned it down, you know? I'm feeling somewhat better right now, just limp and noodley...and I just had some soup and crackers, my first solid food since yesterday's lunch. Jack and John still remain unscathed. I expect Jack to fall anytime. John may not...he rarely gets sick. Nurses have amazing immune systems. So, I'm hoping this bug doesn't last long and that we'll be back to normal soon. I'm looking to get the very, very messy school room cleaned up and organized before we start back to lessons.


Tiny Actions said...

So sorry everyone is sick with the flu. Yucko! I hear ya on the organizing of the school room. It seems as if something blew up in my house as well. We certainly don't have much of an excuse. Get healthy real soon.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I hope you will all feel better soon. This is not a great way to start the new year -- hoping you will have a Happy New Year, anyway!

Kelly said...

Melanie, I'm so sorry. We had the Christmas stomach bug from Hell too, not the way I ever want to celebrate Christmas again!

Hope you guys are all doing much better now!