Friday, December 25, 2009

a Christmas countdown

6- The number of inches of snow called for overnight by the National Weather Service that caused our entire family to cancel their plans to get together at my parents' place on Christmas Day.

5- The number of trips to the kitchen Kain made on Christmas Eve to fill his plate with antipasto, dill pickles, fudge, cookies, and cake.

4- The number of nativity pieces knocked off the nativity set when Maria accidentally hurled her Wii remote across the room while "bowling". The Wii was a new gift this year.

3- The number of times Kain vomited dill pickle and fudge after going to bed Christmas Eve.

2- The number of injuries sustained on Christmas Day- John burned himself with his new soldering iron. Jack was given a bloody nose when backhanded by John with a Wii remote when he was "canoing". I think it hurt John more than it hurt Jack.

1- The number of inches of snow we actually got.

0- The number of times Kain managed to hit the toilet, bucket, or a receptacle of any kind while vomiting.


Charlotte said...

Ha. We got a Wii too. Sorry about the puking.

scmom (Barbara) said...

I hope your day was Merry, nevertheless! Happy Christmas season.

Sharon said...

Didn't you read the warning on the Wii screen that says to firmly attach the wrist strap before playing? My daughter has flung her Wii remote across the room close to the computer, but luckily nothing was broken.