Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13th- a late and wheezy daybook

Outside my window...warmer and sunny. Snow is sloooooowly melting. Ya'll Yankees might be used to such nonsense, but it is really unusual for us to have snow on the ground for longer than a day or so.

I am hearing...the end of Word World, and Jack talking in my ear. He's standing on the seat of my chair.

I am thinking...that I forgot to send library movies with John to work today. (sigh)

I am thankful for...teenage daughters that can pitch in a be a cheerful help on rough days. All three asthmatics in the house are hacking away, leftovers from last week's virus. Mine is the worst right now.

I am yoga pants and a long sleeve black shirt, slipper socks.

We are currently reading...Maria is reading "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry" and "Famous Men of Greece" for history. Kain and I are reading aloud from "On the Banks of Plum Creek". I don't know what he's reading on his own right now, which means it's probably comic books. Jack is loving his new DK Music book. And I'm getting ready to dig out our collection of Frog and Toad stories.

I am praying...for Haitians left homeless and injured from yesterday's earthquake.

Latest on the babies...Tess says "Me!" all the time, which basically means, "I want that!" She also says, "Take a bass?" which means "take a bath?" For baby in the belly...I had a midwife appointment last Friday, and I was very anemic and also dehydrated. So, I'm loading up on supplements this week in an attempt to get my iron level up. We're 28 weeks this week...the last trimester!

From the kitchen...Southwestern Quiche for dinner tonight. I'm making one and freezing one. Yesterday I made and froze a batch of chili and some cornbread. I'm hoping to do this two or three times a week until I get a good collection of meals for easy eating after the baby arrives.

Around the house...mess. And Christmas decorations halfway taken down. I did get some more work done on the schoolroom, it's coming along, but I still have to finish the closet and that's a big job.

In the learning room...we are back to school this week. It's taken us three days to get one day of work done. This is my fault, not Maria's. I feel lousy. I'm better, but my asthma is terrible right now. If I wasn't pregnant, I would have gone in for a steroid shot by now. I'm ok, I'm getting enough air, but I'm coughing constantly and it's very tiring. I'm trying to take it easy and slow down and remember that I'm breathing for two. This week I put together a bean box for Tess to play in. I also picked up some moon sand and wikki sticks for Jack to play with. Ironically, Kain and Maria are far more interested in them than he is. I mean, they are actually fighting over it. They both stormed off yesterday in hormonal rages over wikki sticks. Over WIKKI STICKS people.

In the garden..Oh, the garden. How I miss it! I'm hoping once all the SNOW melts I can get back out there and do some yard cleaning up, hacking down overgrown messes in the flowerbeds so that we are ready for spring. We've had some nice afternoons and I hope that continues. Maria made some suet feed and so we've been keeping our birds fat and warm.

Plans for the rest of the week...the week is half over! Everything is starting back up again this week. Maria had dance class on Monday and PSR tonight. Tomorrow we will take Kain to therapy and meet some friends at a local pizza place to play. Friday we have tickets to see a production Frog and Toad at a local theatre!

From my latest pictures...oh, if only I could post new pictures. How about a couple of oldies? Here are some of the oldest I have on this computer!

A toothless Maria...7 years old! She has makeup and a leotard on because she was in a production of the Nutcracker that year.

A rare photo of me, with a newborn Jack, looking very tired and with no make-up. You know. Like now.

Jack...reading. :) How bald is he?


Erin said...

Love the photo of Jack reading, so precious:)

Angela M. said...

OK, what are wikki sticks?

Angela M. said...

OK, I googled them and now I want some!